30 Apr 2018

Welcome back to April's Ad Picks.

I want to start this month with this super cool Nike shoe launch. In Shanghai, Nike created a retro game installation that scanned your face and turned you into the player. When you ran on the treadmill to try out the new shoes, you were the player. I love how running on the treadmill links to the digital world in a fun and engaging way.

Tesco in Malaysia have released this new reusable bag that helps keep less rubbish out of the sea. With illustrated sea animals on the bags, that are created out of barcodes. Shoppers received a discount off their shop every time it was used. It's a nice way to get people to reuse there bags more often and the bags are well illustrated too.

It has a lovely animated case study video too.

You might have to look twice, is it fire or fried chicken? But KFC has replaced fire with spicy chicken in these 3 clever print ads. My favourite is the race car, what about yourself?

I hope you enjoyed this month's post (sorry it was a little late).


20 Apr 2018

Here's a new campaign for Perth Zoo, I worked on at Gatecrasher, promoting the amazing wildlife conservation work that goes on at the Zoo - Saving Wildlife Together.

The first piece of the campaign is this bus wrap (below), which made it onto 'Best Ads' 5 best outdoor ads of this week.

Bus Credits
Agency: Gatecrasher
Client: Perth Zoo
CGI: Cameron Aitkenhead

There were also 3 x 15 second TVC, each featuring an animal that the zoo does a lot of conversation work for.

TVC Credits
Agency: Gatecrasher
Client: Perth Zoo
Director: Anouk Ratnawibhushana
Tiger DOP: Allan Myles


30 Mar 2018

Welcome to March's Ad Picks.

This month I'm starting with this outdoor campaign for McDonald's, using cropped in sections of the famous golden arches to make up direction signs to the nearest restaurant. It is beautifully simple and a clever use of the logo.

More brands are creating products rather than ads these days and now Lacoste have joined in. Known for it's famous Crocodile logo, they have swapped the croc for 10 threatened species, so you can help save them and get a trendy polo at the same time. It's great to see a brand like Lacoste support this growing issue.

This entertaining spot for iPhone X uses the one single benefit - Face ID and exaggerates it to the extreme with this lady who discovers she can unlock anything.

The last ad I'm sharing this month is a print ad for WWF, showing what can get lost in forest fires in this extremely well crafted ad. I can see this doing well in awards shows.

Let me know how long it takes for you to spot the elephant.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this month's Ad Picks and Happy Easter.


19 Mar 2018

One day each year Transperth staff dress up to raise funds for Radio Lollipop, a kid's charity that provides comfort, care and play for children in hospital. Leading up to this year's event we created this fun decal on buses around Perth.

Agency: Gatecrasher
Client: Transperth
Photographer/CGI: Luke Carter Wilton


26 Feb 2018

Welcome to February's Ad Picks.

The size of the first two ad budgets are huge, which puts pressure on it to be good work. Following them is a French ad, then a brand apolgising in an interesting way.

One of my favourite Super Bowl Ads this year was Amazon's Alexa ad (I loved the Crocodile Dundee one too, but it's been shared so much already online).

Alexa loses her voice and they need some stand ins. The talent and their lines is what makes this ad so amusing. Getting stars like Gordon Ramsey shouting at your cooking to Anthony Hopkins putting on his famous creepy voice is fantastic, it's worth watching a couple of times and sharing it with your friends.

This second campaign this month is from Nike 'Nothing beats a Londoner,' a 3 minute online video that's got style, pace, comedy and great CGI in an entertaining and fast paced video.

I love the humour in this next ad for the French TV channel CANAL+ sports, with a fan controlling the opposition fans with a voodoo doll. Imagine if somewhere someone has got a voodoo doll of every footballer. That's who they can blame when they fall over and miss an open goal.

KFC had a nightmare last week running out of chicken in the UK. Most other brands keep quiet until it's fixed, but not KFC, who came out with the bold and brave print ad.

I hope you enjoyed this month's Ad Picks and I hope to see you next month.


30 Jan 2018

Happy New Year and welcome back to January Ad Picks.

Jumping straight in, IKEA have done some fantastic pregnancy ads in the past and they've created another cracker with this pee ad. They've created these print ads that are also a free pregnancy test, which you pee on to reveal a discount and to find out if you're pregnant. I've not seen anything like it before and it's a fun use of the medium.

This next ad is very moving video about an Uber driver, who lost her daughter to a drink driver. It's a very personal, powerful story and you really feel the emotion whilst watching it. I hope this video reaches people who will take an Uber home next time on a night out.

The last one this month is for Audi who have created the safety code. This is a code to add to your website, so drivers visiting your site whilst driving over 20km will be blocked from your site. I like sharing ads that have a bigger purpose to save people's lives and I hope it's something people do.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this month's Ad Picks and I'll see you next month. If there's any ads that you've loved this month, please share in the comment section below.


28 Dec 2017

Welcome to the last of this years Ad Picks. I hope you've enjoyed reading them this year.

I wanted to start with this ad. It's actually a lot more than just an ad and will help a lot of people from online scammers.

I know a couple of people who have been scammed and it's very sad when they lose money or something worse. Netsafe have created a chat bot immitating victims to fight scammers. All you do is forward the scammers email to them and they lead the scammer on with the virtual bot, so they don't pick on their next target. Taking the fight to the scammers, game on.

This is an interesting way of getting people's attention in entering the country of Palau to protect the Island's environment. The stamp that goes in your passport when you visit a foreign country has been turned into a little pledge that people need to sign. It's a lovely way to get the message across that will make people aware and it isn't just another banner in the airport.

This next one is called 'Tomorrow's News.' It's based around a school shooting in the USA to give people the warning signs that something isn't right. I hope people in the USA watch this and it saves people's lives from the terrible shootings that happen.

I know it's just after Christmas, but I wanted to share one of my favourite Christmas ads, that you may not have seen as it's from Portugal. It's called Santa's Number, where a Dad gives his son Santa's number and it goes viral. It's beautifly shot and it's got some great reactions throughout. Have you tried calling the number?

I hope you had a great Christmas and you've got a great New Years Eve planned. See you next year.